A Time For Change,LLC

Joseph Breen, Lifecoach 



    Where My Story Began

    The Reason I am here to save lives and change the world!

    I used to think I was a VICTIM of my circumstances, and believe me I blamed everyone else on the planet and off until one day I was forced to take a deep long look at the man in the mirror. I had to get really really ANGRY at myself. Holy cow it all came flooding back to me. DEPRESSION SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had become a victim of my circumstances and I wanted to lay  the responsibility for that at anyone elses' feet so quite frankly I did not have to face the man in the mirror because AT THAT TIME I hated the man in the mirror and I BELIEVED I could not face him and survive it! What a FOOL I had become! I lost 80 pounds and I tried to lay that blame at my Wife's feet for stealing me manhood, WRONG!!! I lost 80 pounds because I hated myself and simply could not eat or sleep anymore.  My Mother died and I tried to lay that one at GODS' Feet. WRONG!!  As spiritual creatures we are born, we live , love, learn, and we DIE!! NOT GODS' FAULT! I have had ALMOST every woman I THOUGHT I ever loved cheat on me because I told myself women were not to be trusted. WRONG AGAIN!!!!! They cheated on me because I was a selfish untrusting ASSHOLE!!!  WHEN you tell your story, make sure you are telling the right one!!


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