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Joseph Breen, Lifecoach 



    I have a gift

    Here is what I have found about the why for me lately.

    I have been reaching out to eight friends as soon as I heard this call again. We have shared anger, pain, jealousy, rage, happiness, conviction, and finally, the truth. I have friends who have been through HELL and are still on this spinning rock and they are HAPPY!

    Where I saw defeat, I now saw strength. Where there was anger, happiness. Where there was jealousy, selflessness. Finally and most importantly, I saw in each one of them a drastic change in the negative story most of us tell ourselves. NO MORE I can't, No more its everyone else's fault, no more being resigned to feeling nuts, and also a passionate honest search for the truth.

    When we take ownership instead of blaming others, circumstance, GOD, or anything else we TAKE THE POWER BACK!!!!!! I am fascinated by us humans and how some of us can go through hell and keep pushing when coming from nothing, nothing but LOVE!!!

    LOVE defeats it all and there is a power in love that keeps us hungry, passionate, driven, detrmined, and selfless.

    I AM NOT ON THIS PATH FOR ME, i have a gift and I am on this path for anyone suffering, sad, lonely, defeated, depressed, hopeless, tired, angry, unfulfilled, and off their path!

    What do I see in all my friends I am working with now, the very same thing I have back adn will not lose ever again, THE EYE OF THE TIGER!!!!! That look of determination and hunger that cannot be snuffed out. Smiling, chest out, back straight, talking loud, direct eye contact, head up, and ready for a fight!!!

    This shit ain't easy. If you want to feel better you have to stand up and fight for it! Once you have the eye of the Tiger you have found step one! I don't cower, I don't step back, I am no longer afraid. I AM IN CONTROL!! You can be too!!!




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